• Schachtrahmenregulierung

Shaft-frame Regulation

We use a long-lasting, elastic 2-K polyurethane mortar, called “DENSOLATIC EM”. This type of joint filling-material is ideal for the renovation of shaft-frames, especially in the road sector. This material has major advantages as it remains elastic even under the highest static and dynamic pressure (manhole covers); besides it is also noise- and vibrationabsorbing. Another advantage is its high frost- and salt-resistance; due to the fact that it matures so fast, the roads can be open for traffic immediately after the renovation is completed. The characteristics of this special material guarantee a long-lasting regulation.

Our system also includes:
TOK-FILL: Cold asphalt to fill holes in the sheeting.
TOK-DUR: Coating for damaged surfaces and levelling (to a certain extent) in the area of the manhole cover.