• Bioni

Bioni – System

Lasting solutions against mold and bacteria

Since January 2014 we are the exclusive and authorized Bioni-Partner for the patented BIONI SYSTEM Solution in Austria.

BIONI SYSTEM stands for the safe, fast, efficient, environmentally friendly and lasting treatment of surfaces with particularly high exposure to mold, bacteria or moisture.


Long term protection against mould and bacterial contamination


because it uses no chemical and toxic mould removers


because all system components are free of biocides and fungicides


because a few hours after treatment, the premises are fully usable again


because nearly all substrates (plaster, concrete, lightweight boards, tiles, 
etc.) can be coated


because there are no long downtimes in production

We help you with problem analysis, the development of possible solutions and their implementation – 
on site, practically oriented, friendly and reliable.

  • Food

    Wherever food is processed, hygiene is especially important. However, particularly in the manufacturing and 
    storage facilities within the food industry and trade, mould and bacteria find ideal growth conditions, making 
    it difficult to comply with the strict hygiene standards.

    Regular and contentious cleaning of machines, belts and surfaces can only partially solve the problem.

  • Medical

    An increasing number of people are infecting themselves with germs and bacteria in hospitals and care homes. For this reason BIONI SYSTEM has developed a special surface coating system which offers permanent resistance 
    to germs and bacteria.

  • Health

    Particularly the high moisture and room temperature levels in saunas, swimming pools, gyms,
    relaxation areas or spas of hotels and holiday resorts which provide the perfect conditions for the multiplication
    of mould, algae, moss and also bacteria and germs.

    The new renovation concept of BIONI SYSTEM enables hoteliers to focus on what is really important, namely 
    their guests. Recurring renovation work as a result of mould and rooms affected by odours becomes a thing 
    of the past.

  • Repair

    Damage caused by water or damp – whether water used for extinguishing a fire or flooding – often brings with it the 
    problem that damp can penetrate into plaster and brickwork.

    BIONI SYSTEM has specially developed the system solution REPAIR to meet the extreme requirements of
    damp and water damage. The System can be applied directly onto all bases which are affected by residual moisture or mould.

    The high costs involved with removing any existing bases associated with damp and water damage become 
    a thing of the past.

The System and its outstanding high-technology components were jointly developed with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. By using a patented silver-system-technology the BIONI SYSTEM is not only unique but also allows a sustainable, economical and fast renovation of mold and bacteria affected surfaces.